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Squirrels, although they’re cute and perceived as essentially harmless, we know that the common grey squirrels carry diseases and were responsible for almost completely wiping out the native British Red Squirrel. However, there is no doubt that they can present a problem as Grey Squirrels will inhabit attics, lofts and roof spaces and outbuildings such as sheds and garages. In this case, they become very territorial and may become aggressive towards anyone who trys to move them, especially so if they have a nest full of babies. They will attempts to clear any access points that are blocked, until they get in.

Do I have a Squirrel Pest Control Problem?

There are several tell-tale signs that you may have a squirrel problem. These include:

  • Sounds - If your loft space is occupied by squirrels, you will no doubt hear them before you see them. They continuously run around the roof space looking for nesting materials and will keep searching in new areas if there is nowhere left to look

  • Droppings - Squirrel droppings are rounder and larger than rat droppings, approximately 8-12mm with rounder edges rather than pointed, and will often be found in roof or attic space

  • Damage - Squirrels have very sharp teeth and claws and can chew many materials including soft metals and hard wood. Fascia boards, loft insulation and joists are likely to be damaged by squirrels.

  • Sightings - You may see shredded loft insulatin, as they use it for nesting material, and you may even see the squirrel in the attic space. You may also see them entering the property via fascia boards for example, having made a hole approximately the size of a tennis ball.

Squirrel Pest Control & Removal

It can become difficult to eradicate a squirrel infestation, however Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland can help. As soon as you become aware of any possible squirrel activity, contact us as soon as possible.

Grey squirrels can pass on fleas to domestic pets, which will then require treatment using an animal flea treatment. It is not thought that squirrels carry any diseases passable onto humans, however they need to be treated with caution as they can administer a painful bite if they feel threatened.


Removing a Squirrel Infestation

We wouldn't encourage you to attempt to tackle a squirrel problem, as they can be aggressive and territorial. Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland will firstly survey the area for activity to confirm if there are any squirrels present.

We use different methods to eliminate the problems, including effective traps, specialists squirrels poisons to provide a quick and effective solution. It is illegal in the UK to catch a squirrel and release it back into the wild. Therefore, we are obliged to dispatch the squirrel, which is done in the most humanely way possible. Once the problem has been removed, it is essential that any access points are blocked off to prevent reoccurance, through minor 'repair' work which can can become extensive if the level of damage is severe.

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