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Garden Mole Removal

Moles are actually insectivores and not rodents as widely believed and can create many problems for your garden by ruining your lawn and plants by digging tunnels beneath them, inhibiting the growth of roots. They feed on earthworms, grubs and other small insects and are native to woodland/ wetland habitiats but, through human intervention and destruction of their natural home, they have been forced into more rural and suburban areas.


Do I need a Mole Removal Service?

If you take pride in your garden and discover a mole problem, then you will require a pest control service promptly to deal with a mole infestation. Garden moles can tunnel up to 18ft every hour and can very quickly create an extensive network of tunnels in and around your property, which can make it very difficult to locate and treat the mole problem.

Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland can set up humane traps, that can dispatch moles instantly, and to then return within 7 to 10 days to check them, which can prove the most effective option. If the problem hasn't been resolved, we will restart the process.

Keep Mole problems under control

With increasingly mild and damp winters, the UK has seen an increase in the mole popluation. If you water your garden excessively, you may inadvertently create the moist earth that moles love and thrive in.

Netting is available which can prevent moles coming to the lawn surface to create molehills. This must however be installed before turf is laid.

Caper spurge, Euphorbia lathyris, which is a biennial plant, has its adherents who claim the root exudates repel moles. It is worth a try, but be sure to remove most of the flower heads before seeding occurs or a weed problem may result. Bulbs of Allium moly are also sold as a mole deterrent but are of doubtful value.

Need another Pest Control Service?

Less Pests Leicester are able to offer other pest control services such as Flea Treatments, Rat traps, and Bird Proofing.

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