Flies can become a real nuisance when buzzing around your property. Initially, you may decide to ignore the problem, but if there are large numbers of flies there could be an infestation which may require professional fly control. As well as being annoying, flies can potentially cause harm as they spread diseases.

There are lots of flying insects however the most common tyres found around the UK include:

  • Blue Bottles: Associated with food waste, they are attrated to bin and rubbish stores and also rotting attracted to the rotting flesh of other dead animals.

  • Fruit Flies: Unsurprisingly, Fruit Flies are associated with fruit. They are drawn to sugary substances and liquids such as beer.

  • Cluster Flies: These flies are often found in cavity walls or loft spaces, where they tend to hibernate in autumn and winter. You will often see them around window frames. They do not feed on food waste or dead animals.

  • Mosquitoes: An annoying pest, due to their bite. Mosquitoes can be found near water, but in the UK, they rarely cause anything more serious than an irritating bite. 

Why have I got flies in my home?

One of the main reasons that flies are attracted to our homes is because of food as it is an ideal environment for fly larvae to grow.

How to get rid of flies?

There are a few things you can do to discourage flies. These include:

  • Covering food - flies spread diseases via their feet when they land on food.

  • Clear food crumbs -  hoover any bit of food from kitchen objects like microwaves.

  • Clean up spillages - flies love nothing more than feasting on spilled sugary drinks.

  • Store waste properly - make sure all rubbish is store in bins, with a tightly fitting lid

  • Dispose of pet waste - pet waste is not only a danger to children, but it is the perfect place for flies to breed and may also be a place they land before landing on your food. Therefore make sure pet waste is cleaned up quickly and regularly.


Need Professional Fly Control?

It may be possible to use off-the-shelf products to treat smaller fly problems, however for large infestations, a professional fly pest control serivce is needed. Here at Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland we are knowledgeable about fly species and have access to a range of effective treatments to deal with them. 

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