One of the worlds most infamous pests, Cockroaches are large insects, distinguished by their long antennae and two pairs of wings. It is more common to see German (15mm long) and Oriental (up to 25mm long) in infestations in the UK. Cockroaches eat almost anything, tolerate different habitats and breed rapidly, with an average adult living for up to 6 months.

There is a direct link with cockroach infestations and dirt and poor hygiene. By nature they are dirty insects and spread diseases. Cockroaches will easily find a way to relocate to a greasy kitchen, but unfortunately, they do often find their way into clean, well-kept properties too if a neighbouring area has an infestation.


Tips for Cockroach Pest Control

Problematic to businesses and homes, cockroaches are a distateful variety of pest. For catering environments they pose high risks of spreading diseases such as salmonella, dysentry and typhoid. There are also links to suggest that infections such as eczema and asthma in vulnerable elderly and children can be caused by cockroaches.


Cockroaches enjoy areas that are warm and contain food and water. Although infestations may begin in areas where poor hygience is prevalent, cockroaches will travel to find other environments for them to feed and breed. 

Cockroaches are a tough species, that can adapt to new hostile environments quickly and are adept at finding refuge to avoid DIY attempts at removing them.

When should I call Pest Control for Cockroaches?

It is safe to assume that even though you may only see one cockroach, you are likely to have many more lurking away. The lifecycle progresses quickly, from egg to maturity within 10 weeks. You may see eggs hanging off the back of them and their egg cases contain approximately 30-40 eggs.


Usually nocturnal insects, if there is a heavy infestation, you will often see them during the day. Their droppings are often found near suitable food sources and look similar to granules of black pepper. A strong, sour smell is also noticeable if the infestation is very heavy.


It is therefore cruicial to act quickly and seek professional pest control if you have discovered any evidence of cockroach activity.

Ways to get rid of Cockroaches

DIY Methods to Get Rid of Cockroaches: 

It is unlikely that you will be able to deal with a cockroach infestation without professional help. DIY treatements are ineffective. Some people squash cockroaches, however this methos can actually make the problem worse, by spreading cockroach eggs to worktops, tools and shoes and throughout the property. If you see a cockroach, there will be many more hiding away as they don't live alone and breed profusely in a bid to survive, so squashing the odd one will not make a dent in the numbers of cockroaches infesting your property. Therefore it is advisable to seek professional cockroach treatments as soon as possible.


So, how do I get rid of a Cockroach infestation?


The most effective thing you can do if you have a cockroach infestation, is to call for professional pest control and to get your property professionally treated. We can implement an effective eradication programme to make sure your business premises or home are rid of an infestation safely and quickly. As professionals, we are armed with the most up to date treatments and procedures including sprays and fogging and substitute food gels.

However there are a few things you can do to help rid of a cockroach problem. Firstly, find the source of the infestation. They thrive in warm environment, so the source of an infestation is usually indoors. They often thrive off food scraps and grease build up, so give everywhere a good, deep clean and then maintain a good cleaning regime as cockroaches dislike clean areas as they cannot survive there. Also, make sure food is kept in sealed containers wherever possible.

There is no effective DIY way to get rid of cockroaches, so call Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland on 07707 893 976 to be rid of cockroaches.