Specialist Bird Control Services

Sometimes, rather than be a pleasure, birds can be a pest. Pigeons and Magpies for instance can create havoc in homes and businesses in many different ways so it is important that we are able to tackle the problem when birds behaviour becomes a nuisance.

Problems caused by birds

Concentrated bird activity can present different issues including birds eating fruit and plants in gardens; birds attacking people and health hazards caused by droppings. There are many different solutions to try to resolve these very different problems.

Bird Control Services We Offer

We offer a variety of Bird Control Services including:

  • Bird Spikes

  • Bird Netting

  • Shooting and Trapping

  • Guano Clearing

  • Pin and Wire Systems

Bird Control in High-Level and Special Locations

We work with a specialist team of Steepljacks for high level work specialist locations such as churches and other high buildings. 

Having problems with other wildlife?

Do you have a pest problems with another type of wildlife. See our guide to other wildlife pest control problems.

Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland can help with any bird problem. Please contact us or call the team on 07707 893 976 or 0116 202 5946

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Less Pest Bird Control Services