You may find ants in your home at any time of year however they become more of a nuisance during the summer, as they seek food for larvae. They begin breeding as the temperatures rise, creating an influx of make ants- often winged- causing swarms in homes and businesses. 

Nesting in any building that has access holes to cavities, ants are attracted to the openings as they provide warmth, food and protection.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

With vairous DIY bait stations and any powders available to buy, if can be tempting to try to solve your ant problem yourself. However it is unlikely that a full ant infestation will be eradicated only using DIY treatments, due to the low concentration chemical formula making them less effective. Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland are qualified and trained to handle superior chemical treatments that can eradicate an ant infestation.

For many years, people have used boiling water to attack an infestation of ants. This can be effective if you hit the nest directly and will reduce your ant problem. The real difficulty is locating the nest and it is unlikely to be able to target the nest using a DIY method.


Stamping, swatting or crushing ants is another method used by some people to rid their homes of ants. It may initially appear to help, but the few you can kill will not impact on the tens of thousands of ants in a nest.


The most effective way to resolve your ant infestation is to stop using DIY remedies and to hire professional Pest Controllers, who will rid you of the problem quickly and effeciently.

Flying Ants

Although they do not present a risk to health, during the summer months, Flying ants can create a significant problem and nuisance when they swarm around your property.

What are Flying Ants?

Flying Ants are not a unique species and they come from the same colonies as other ants. Flying Ants are the male ants growing wings during the breeding cycle, which therefore if you have a black ant problem, you are likely to suffer a flying ant problems during the warmer months.


How to Get Rid of Flying Ants

DIY methods, such as poweders and sprays, are pretty ineffective when flying ants swarm, as they horde in high numbers. Less Pests Leicestershire and Rutland can provide specialist fogging or surface spray treatments, that can have an instant impact on the number of live ants. These treatments are best used in conjunction with professional powder or gel treatments. If you are suffering with flying ants, give us a call to discuss an effective pest control solution.


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